Under the Banyan

Under the Banyan published by Auroville Consulting describes the different concepts of Sustainable Architecture. Presented in the form of a sketchbook, it illustrates its concepts with real time examples in the form of the sketches of various buildings in Auroville – a growing International township in India next to Puducherry.

The book highlights the importance of five basic principles of Sustainable Living suitable for the tropical climate – water management, waste management, biodiversity, solar protection, ventilation and biodiversity. The examples provided in the book are further supported by inputs and interpretations by renowned architects all over India. By providing useful tips supported by examples, Under the Banyan aims at encouraging young architects to follow a sustainable concept of building and thereby reducing the harmful impact on our mother nature. It explains simple practices like reusing, recycling, renovation and innovation that are easy to implement in reality.

Starting with an Introduction of the concept of Auroville and how it was founded in 1968, Under the Banyan can be read as a journey not just through principles of building sustainable habitats, but also through five decades of architectural innovation in Auorville. This graphic diary will help students, young architects, architect lovers and lovers of Sustainable Living to follow an ecologically responsible way of building.

Founded in 2010, Auroville Consulting is a business unit of the non-profit organization Auroville Foundation. It provides comprehensive consulting and advisory services for project developers, manufacturers and policy makers engaged in ecologically and socially responsible development areas.

Auroville Consulting also has other various publications on urban farming, sustainable energy systems and Auroville Culture that can be accessed through our website: http://aurovilleconsulting.com

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