The Bridge

A series of collaborative conferences hosted in Auroville around the occasion of its 50th Anniversary. The intention of The Bridge was to facilitate the existing interest in research, on and in, the community, and to consolidate partnerships, collaborations and exchanges between Auroville and the world.

During the weeklong long event, the researchers shared, reflected and collectively engaged in discussions around the emergence of ways to practically and innovatively approach and participate in shaping the future of our shared human and planetary existence. Valuable ideas were exchanged, developed and synthesised into a number of recommendations which were presented at the conclusion of the event.

Some of the themes were:

Integral Education. Education as an experience of self, soul and embodiment, through which we can reach an evolution of consciousness that elicits the awareness of integral relationships with oneself, others and our shared environment.

Culture & Society. Particularly focused on Auroville as an experiment in human unity where people from 55 nationalities live together.

Economy & Exchanges. We live in a changing world. The frenzy of consumption has shaken up the entire planet and globalization has created new needs, without concern for humanity. As a result, people have been thrown from their courses; they have lost their bearings and have become self-centred. The concepts of helping one another, sharing, and responsibility have receded to their innermost depths. Auroville is founded on the recognition that a new paradigm has to be developed to find a new equilibrium: a third way, an alternative to brutal modernization and fossilized processes.

Environment & Sustainable Technologies. Aware that we form an integral part of nature, we are actively seeking to find a harmonious relationship with our environment while continuing to progress collectively.

Reflections from The Bridge participants.

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