The Journey of Auroville: Baroda Festival

As part of a series of national events begun in November 2017 with a conference and exhibition for the diplomatic circles and UNESCO in Delhi, the “Journey of Auroville” travelled to Vadodara, the city where Sri Aurobindo spent the first 13 years after his return to India in 1893.

The Journey of Auroville: Baroda Festival comprised performances, activities, lectures, film screenings, and an exhibition, all designed to inspire interaction and engagement between the communities of Auroville and Vadodara around the ideals of Auroville and how they bear fruit in action.

Seeking to generate a convergence of individuals with common aspirations for a more conscious life, the aim of these events was to establish a sense of interconnectivity between Auroville and greater India.

The intention to help the public to learn about Auroville and the fifty-year milestone, as well as to foster exchange in both directions, is in congruence with the idea of Auroville’s development as an evolving and unending process, which can be enriched by the sharing of knowledge and ideas about Human Unity and perspectives on the future.

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