Holistic Wellness

“ Auroville is the place for healing” – The Mother

The above lines are real gospel message to many people.Because the majority of the humanity is undergoing a severe issues over their ill- health due to poor knowledge about their own body. If we observe the olden times people led a very happy life. The reason maybe because of their intuitive knowledge about healthy living. Above all, they had the realization that life is full of series of actions with both pros and cons. Specifically, they gave much importance to their body as it’s the source of all goodness to the life. Hence it was inborn to them that our mind,life and body are interrelated for the whole physiology. Specifically religious ideas induced the disciplined life hence spirituality was epitome of their life style. On contrary, the contemporary humanity lost all the special abilities in terms of science and disbelief in the bygone traditions.

How does the body functions with mind and life as its constituents? Before analyzing our study, there is some unfoldment of the truth that the body has several sheaths around it in subtle way. This is proven by the vedic texts and Ayurveda health and many other types of such ancient texts.Henceforth, the imbalance occurs in those sheaths will cause disease or illness of the body. Thus gross body falls ill. Our body is made up of five elements namely, water, air, fire,earth and space. And this acts through major body types like tamas, rajas and satwic. Any imbalance in these domain may create a gap and results in health issues.Hence medication is not the first step for the real solution on contrary, balancing the gap is the foremost step in order to revive the good health.At present world encounters a serious crisis that the humanity undergoes a stress .Enormous increase is visible among the human mass is in the search of de- stress program due to their unhealthy life style. Unfortunately, they lost their knowledge about the body and it’s functions. Let us see how to restore the health both physically and  psychologically.

Holistic wellness : As said earlier, our body constitutes of different protective agents as sheaths namely “ Manomaya, pranamaya, annamaya as predominantly.To be more specific we can term as, mind, vital ( senses) and body. Yoga sutras emphasize that there are seven energy centres in the physical body which correspondence to the seven planes of Cosmos.Thus our physical body entwined with the Universe. Thus rebalancing the energy within this diaspora known truth for the yoga or spiritual people who may know the secret to fill the gap . The whole process of attuning and filling the gap is holistic wellness. Fastest remedy to any type of imbalance is a real ignorance as slow pace is the correct method. Holistic wellness has great place in ancient Ayurveda texts like,”Samskrita Samhita and Charakha Samhitha”. There are many techniques followed in the system.

Different methods :
1)  Healing –  Holistic wellness is a widespread practise from ancient times throughout the world. Especially, Celtic cult of European region is well known for it.And it is done by tuning to spiritual forces viz Celestial beings like angels, fairies etc. Thus they invoke their presence to cure the body ailments.They are called as ‘ Healers’.And they possess innate abilities to heal the people .

2)  Ayurveda – The method renamed as alternative medicine. But ayurveda belongs to ancient vedic texts which is such oldest and prominent therapy from the past.The specific therapy called, ‘ Abhayanga’ or ‘ Oil massage’ is used to replenish the body system through balancing the body’s natures namely – tamas, rajas and satwa.

3)  Mantra and Sound vibrations – As we all know chanting veda mantras is very powerful method for healthy living. Especially the syllable ‘AUM’ and it’s very much appreciated throughout the world. Auroville’s OM choir is one of such group which invokes the mantric vibrations and many testimonials are in record.

4)  Yoga – The oldest method to lead a perfect and complete healthy living sage Patanjali gave the treasure ‘ Yoga sutras’ to the well being of the humanity.

5)  Meditation or dhyan – The Mother who was the founder of the Auroville was a great spiritual healer. She said that the human body has the full potential to cure on its own because of its hidden powers.Through meditation one can become touch with that powers by tuning their mind, senses and body. Moreover the body connects with cosmic energies which will maintains a balance in the body. Such goodness is the practise of meditation.

Atlast, we have seen the ways and means to possess a good and stress free life. Our forefathers by and large knew that nuances and lead a wholesome life and their longevity is the greatest proof ! That was the absolute method of art of living- secret none other than holistic wellness. Though there are increase in number of such holistic health therapies done in widespread through out the world ‘Auroville’ ranks a special place in healing  hence it is a great boon for the people from all over the world to get benefits here through such holistic centres to lead a perfect living on the earth.

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