Gratitude from Auroville

The birthday week of Auroville’s 50th Anniversary, 21st to 28th February, 2018, has now passed. A wave of enthusiasm was felt with the presence and words of the Honorable Prime Minister on 25th February 2018, moving to serene prayers of hope for a luminous future by 7,000 people sitting in calm and quiet around the Bonfire in the Amphitheater, followed by the merging of waters from 321 sources from around the world at the Water Ceremony on 28th February; the ceremonies have come to an end on 4th March 2018 with the Sangaman Festival, celebrating the
spirit of oneness by honoring our coworkers and residents from neighboring villages. The celebrations had many other events like the Auroville Film Festival, SEAS, a performance in a journey to search for the soul of Auroville, and The Bridge, a gathering from all over the world that explored means of collaborative research. The long-awaited year of the Golden Jubilee has begun.

We feel a deep gratitude to so many people and for so many reasons. Gratitude for the warm greetings from India’s President, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, and the inspiring speech of India’s Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, during his visit. Gratitude for the financial and procedural support we have received from the Government of India through its HRD representatives, the Secretary Higher Education, the Joint Secretary, the Finance Advisor, and the Deputy and Under Secretaries of the UNESCO desk. Gratitude to our Governing Board and its Chairman, Dr. Karan Singh, for the continued support, encouragement and expressions of appreciation. The Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, Mr. M.V. Chunkath, was exemplary in his support and guidance.

The staff of the Auroville Foundation, led by our Under Secretary, Mr. Srinivasmurty, worked extremely hard and under great pressure to do what had to be done to make the PM’s visit a success.

We are thankful to the India Post for issuing a beautiful commemorative stamp befitting the occasion of Auroville’s Golden Jubilee. There is deep gratitude to the Government of Tamil Nadu, under the excellent guidance of Dr. L. Subramanian, the Collector of Villupuram District, Deputy Inspector General of Police, the Superintendent of Police, Tehsildar, DSP and many other numerous officers, for the support and trust in our processes and people.

Auroville’s OutreachMedia; the executives and team of Savitri Bhavan; the executives, coordinators and teams of Matrimandir; the trustees and teams of Bharat Nivas; Auroville Security; and L’avenir d’Auroville worked countless hours with short deadlines to manage information and people as well as to improve our infrastructure. Many thanks to the Sangamam team who organized the vibrant gathering with our coworkers and neighbors in surrounding villages. A special thanks to the Auroville Internationals who spread the message of Auroville all over the world. Gratitude to singers, artists, actors, performers, technicians, photographers, sound engineers, decorators and numerous Aurovilians who brought the beauty and joy of Auroville shining to the world on so many different occasions. SAIIER has hosted our work space and meetings, and a great number of Auroville residents and volunteers made themselves available above and beyond the call of duty in so many different ways to ensure that the best of Auroville was consciously expressed in the surroundings and in the programs, as well as in the gifts that were so thoughtfully and generously offered by many Auroville units. Last, but certainly not least, well-wishers from all around the country and the world sent their good wishes and support in all forms of expression.
“Greetings from Auroville to all men of goodwill,” was the call of The Mother 50 years ago. Goodwill poured from all over the world represented by water from 321 sources, which was then merged by the children and youth of Auroville into a symbolic Oneness.

The combination of so much positive and productive energy with the great amount of love and goodwill from within Auroville and from far and wide created events and an atmosphere that did justice to what Auroville is aspiring and working to be.

We are filled with grace and gratitude towards the goodness of humanity as a whole and for the constant presence of Sri Aurobindo and Mother.

On behalf of the residents of Auroville, the 50th Anniversary coordinating team and the Working Committee

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