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With the single-use plastic ban hitting Tamil Nadu India on the 1st January 2019, we thought about creating awareness about plastic, and understand the material a bit better in order to use it properly. This short documentary also explores the solutions of waste management, including recycling, upcycling and zero waste. Also, we learn the language of plastic, that the numbers in the triangles mean.

This film is looking at the intentional community Auroville in Tamil Nadu as an example of how they deal with the waste management and also the local villages surrounding it, giving suggestions and opinions by experts and locals of how they think we can do our part to fix the problem.

அற்புதமான நெகிழி | Fantastic Plastic | Plastic Awareness Film | Auroville Outreach Media

On World Environment Day this year, with a view to curb the effects of plastic on the environment, the Tamil Nadu government announced a ban of non-biodegradable and single-use plastic and had recommended the use of natural, environmental-friendly products. Explaining the dangers that the use of plastic has on the environment and on animals, Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami told the Assembly on June 5, “With the vision of gifting a plastic-free Tamil Nadu to our future generation, the government hereby bans the use of plastic goods of all sizes (microns).”

The House Select Committee had also recommended the restricted use of plastic for daily-use products like milk, curd, oil and medicines.

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