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With the beginning of the new year, we have so much to be excited for! Coffee Ideas is celebrating its 10-year
anniversary! It’s been a long journey but we are delighted to see how far we’ve come. Founded in 2008, Coffee Ideas! Inc. was one of the very first companies to roast high quality certified coffees in India. Marc Tormo, the founder of Coffee Ideas! Inc. realized that few cafes in India were promoting sustainable practices and that there was a lack of real understanding of seed-to-cup principles in the Indian coffee community. Realizing the gap, Marc sought to provide coffee with a story; each cup containing a narrative of the specific plantation where the coffee was grown, the
farmers who worked to produce it, and its environmental impact. Fueled by the dream of raising awareness
of Indian coffee around the world, Marc wished to promote a sustainable coffee movement in India where consumers and coffee producers account for the impact that the plantations have on ecology and to ensure the
environment is properly protected. Marc had the dream of create a coffee culture in India that is not just about
drinking a coffee, but is about crafting a coffee experience from scratch without added essences, flavors, or chemicals.

We opened the doors of Marc’s Coffee in Kuilapalayam in 2011, where locals and coffee aficionados from around the world have come to taste our premium roasted coffee in our vintage style boutique café. In 2013 we opened Dreamer’s Café at the Auroville Visitor’s center where we turned an upcycled container into a solar café that serves Marc’s Coffee with excellent products from local and Auroville food artisans. We love our coffee but we couldn’t stop there. In 2014, we began the cacao project that established networks with Indian organic cacao farmers to sell their raw cacao beans. In 2016, we expanded our café by building the Living Room resource center next to Marc’s Coffee, where we offer classes in brewing and cupping for coffee aficionados who want to enrich their understanding
of coffee. Since 2008, we have roasted and brewed over 3,700,000 cups of coffee, each creating a mindful coffee moment. Every cup was crafted from our premium Indian coffee that can be traced directly to the sustainable, ethical
farm where it is sourced. We continue to maintain a relationship with the farmers and workers who help us to provide our customers with that perfect pick-me-up cup of coffee for their individualized coffee experience. We aim to provide a space where individuals from around the world are able to exchange ideas, share experiences, and to foster a positive, inclusive environment that brings people together over a cup of coffee. Our café is a space where people feel a sense of belonging to a community, where individuals are able to have a shared experience regardless of their religion, gender, race, or social status. It is our mission to support and celebrate the environment and the incredible people who help us bring our coffee to cup by only creating our products from coffee that is consciously farmed,
fairly traded, and produced by adhering to international sustainable farming methods and standards. We are committed to providing the ultimate coffee experience, but not at the price of the earth or the individuals who
help us produce our products.

While we are thrilled to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we know our journey will not stop here. We wish to continue to educate individuals in the coffee community about the continuously evolving and expanding seedto-cup movement. We are thankful to have a wonderful team of employees whose dedication has helped us reach our 10-year mark. We are so grateful for the individuals who have shared a coffee moment with us! We want to thank you for your support throughout the years and for helping us to achieve where we are today. Feel free to contact us for classes on brewing and cupping. We’re always available for your questions and partnerships. Want to keep up with what we’re doing?

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All the best,
Marc’s Team

Calculate your impact
Want to know how your coffee habits impact the environement? Use this formula to calculate how many coffee trees it takes to produce your yearly coffee consumption!

1. It takes 60-100 coffee beans to produce a
cup of coffee, depending on the bean density.
Example: 80

2. Multiply this by the number of coffees you drink per
day. Example: 2 x 80 = 160

3. Multiply this by 365. Example: 120 x 365= 58,400

4. On average, one coffee tree produces 4,000 beans.
Take your previous number and devide it by 4,000.
Example: 768,000 / 4,000

5. The resulting number is how many coffee trees are
required for your personal yearly consumption.
Example: 14.6 coffee trees

• Our coffee roaster spent a night in the Matrimandir before it came to our rotisserie!
• Marc opened his fi rst speciality coffee shop at the age of 23 in Barcelona about 25 years ago.
• Our logo features Buceros bicornis. also known as the great Hornbill. We chose to feature this beautiful endangered species to bring awareness to the preservation of Indian wildlife and a consciousness to environmental preservation.

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