Auroville Impressions: Clueless Culture

In typical places of Auroville, two friends meet and discuss the main system as well as their daily headaches.
Every dialogue is related to the editorial theme of the month.

V – Wow! Going to the Visitor Center on Saturday has become exactly like going to the mall on Saturday.


M – Why do say that?


V – Just look around you… a large crowd on a wild shopping spree. The unavoidable double scoop ice-cream topped with whipped cream. It’s a typical weekend afternoon for the average consumer.


M – Oh come on, the Visitor Center is more than a recreational space, it also has a cultural and deeper intention. There are exhibitions, books, events, films…


V – Here we go again, you and your culture! How boring! For me, the perfect afternoon is buying clothes, which mind you I will only wear once, pigging out on fast food and sweets; and finishing the day at the multiplex where I can watch the latest mind-numbing blockbuster.


Oh I heard that they are making a remake of Clueless, do you remember that movie? It’s a cult classic!


M – Oh come on, you are just saying that to get a rise out of me.


V – In any case, culture is only a construct. It’s completely subjective. All these products of your so-called culture with a big “C” are bullshit for a good part of the population, and nothing more than mentalized products that have nothing universal about them.


M – But look at that stela painted by the artists of the art camp! It’s wonderful! You can’t tell me that’s bullshit! Painters from India and Auroville worked together to create this public art installation and look how beautiful it is! Artists are hunters who discover treasures in invisible worlds. That’s why inspiration is universal; it has nothing to do with mental constructs.


V – Ok, let me get this straight… now you’re saying that artists are treasure hunters! Talk about a recipe for a cocktail. Pour a shot of… a dash of colour and a twist of exoticism. Mix all ingredients, shake with ice for 30 seconds; pour into a high ball glass and voila! Enjoy with moderation.


M – Oh, come on! When will you be serious?


V – Next life, maybe. So should we go back to Mira Boutique? I would like to try on that t-shirt with flowers; I think it will make my muscles stand out; it’ll look fantastic on me!


M – Uggghhh, you really are clueless! Let’s go.

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