Auroville Impressions: Bambi Goes to Paradiso

In typical places of Auroville, two friends meet and discuss the main system as well as their daily headaches.
Every dialogue is related to the editorial theme of the month.

M- Haha…, your eyes are wet!


V- My eyes? Noooo, not at all.


M- Yes, yes, don’t pretend… you cried.


V- Oh, give me a break, the whole theatre was crying, except for you with your cold-cold heart.


M – Whatever, we were the only viewers above 7 years of age.


V- Ya I know, these scenes should be forbidden for minors.


M- For your information, this movie IS for minors, these type of stories foster inner growth.


V- So you meant to tell me that one fine day, you are happily running around the forest, full of the joy of living, then suddenly you turn your back, you hear bang-bang, two gunshots and boom your mother isn’t there anymore! You’re an orphan.

     And that is supposed to favour growth?


M- Transition to adulthood is marked by our capacity to grieve and mourn tangible and intangible loss…


V- Walt Disney is a criminal! Entire generations have been traumatized because of him.

     And that deer, the father nonetheless, who appears before the tender fawn and tells him: your mother will never come back…


M- Yes, I mean ah… what should he say?


Bambi, I’m so sorry your mother left her body? Bah!


V- Yes, of course. It’s the right time to introduce certain concepts to the child and explain what actually happened.

     It’s a matter of respect, don’t you think?

M- What we actually need to say is that we are a divine consciousness that never dies, that life is a field of experience, and that suffering makes us stronger.


It is our chance to really grow, isn’t it? But yes… you are right; it may be a bit much for a young fawn to understand.


V- Look, the child is perfectly aware of what we are saying; we just need to nudge him so he can realize that -he is Bambi.

     The identification process is immediate… Why are you looking at me that way?


M- No, nothing, it’s just that… I am stunned, I mean… such wisdom!


V- Ah yes, yes, I follow this twitter forum: The evolution of the psychic-being explained to kids in 140 characters or less.

     It’s been a revelation…


M- Ooookay, I see.


V- Hey, where’s my popcorn? It was right here on the chair. These little monsters stole it from me.

     Ah! Anyway…They’re showing 101 Dalmatians next week.

     A classic case of no impulse control within nuclear family dynamics. I mean 101 puppies?!?!

     Do you want to come see it with me?


M- Don’t take this the wrong way, but… I would rather die.


V- Whatever, suit yourself.

     I am going to Le Morgan to get a strawberry milkshake. All these emotions have left me dehydrated.


M- See ya…



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