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They say an image is worth a thousand words, but what happens when an image comes together with a few words.

Does it clarify or confuse?

When going around Auroville it is easy to get lost in translation.

Keeping a sense of humour surely helps!

Pour Tous – Local Grocery Store

Sometimes it’s so hard to understand each other in this babel of languages, faces and cultures.

But Pour Tous for members only needs to be clarified.

– Is everybody a member?

– If I’m French I can get in but if I’m English, do I have to be a member?

– And if I’m Japanese what should I do?

Auroville, where all the possibilities are possible

This is Not a Guest House – Family Home

Hey, people living there, is anybody home? Why do you need to clarify that your home is not a guest house?

Is it because there is a guesthouse nearby and some people have taken the wrong path and instead come into your house, so when you came back home you found 2 strangers sleeping in your bed?

Yes, now we understand your board.

Even in Auroville we need a bit of privacy

Essential Information – Visitor’s Centre Parking (not so long ago)

When the tourists start pouring in Auroville after endless hours of travel, they are immediately informed of their first needs.

One single sign points the way to the 3 main places of interest.

It is easy to stay informed in Auroville

Healthy Place – Bicycle Parking

Remember, don’t smoke and drive!

We all know that even when riding a bicycle, it is best not to smoke because you need both hands to drive.

And, because smoking is unhealthy and it stinks!

But does NO SMOKING CYCLES ONLY mean that only the cycles are allowed to smoke?!?!

How things are weird in Auroville

How things are weird in Auroville

Street Signs – Road Crossing

Where do you want to go? We give you 3 chances.

1. If you came here to find yourself better you start with a bit of Discipline.

2. If you are here just to spend your vacations Nine Palms sounds like the right place.

3. If you came without knowing why then maybe a Miracle is waiting for you.

Auroville, where everyone can find his own way

Green Driving – Main Road

It is wonderful to drive in Auroville, far away from the traffic and road chaos, fully immersed in friendly nature.

But even in Auroville, the traffic is increasing. What to do?

Can nature help us solve the problem; is there an easy way to reduce the number of vehicles?

 Auroville, where nature is all around us

Dream or Reality? – Youth Centre

We would all like to get out of the office, but what would we find out there?

– Are we prepared?

– Are we brave enough to face anything could happen?

– Or is it best just to take a peek and quickly go back to our tiring but comfortable life?

Auroville, a place to try a new way of life

Photojournal by MarcoS

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