Auroville Art Camp and Festival
March 16th to 23rd

15 Indian national artists, 15 Aurovilian artists and 7 art students from India and Auroville, have been selected to participate in the first ever Auroville Art Camp, centred around the theme “A New World is Possible”, taken from the sentence by the Mother.*

During the weeklong Art Camp, the artists will produce one art piece and participate in a number of public art events. Interactions with the community will take place during the evenings.

For more information contact
958 513 9142

(Chana) Corrine Devor
915 914 2950

This is the new world and this is the new consciousness and this is the new Power;
it is possible, and it is, and will be more and more manifest BECAUSE it is the new world,
because it has never been before.
It will be because it has never been before (silence)
It’s lovely: it will be because it has never been before – BECAUSE it has never been.
(Mother looks up as if about to say something, then goes into meditation).
The Mother, Agenda, Vol. 13, 1972, May 6th

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