President of BJP, Shri Amit Shah, message on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Auroville.

Shri Shah had visited Auroville on 27th June 2017 and had meditated in the Matrimandir besides interacting with members of the community.

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AmitShah                                                                                                      Bharatiya Janata Party President

20 January, 2018


Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the Auroville community and the Auroville Foundation for completing 50 successful years since its establishment. The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and humanity-centric vision of The Mother are the main ingredients for the basic principles of Auroville. The Mother envisioned a system with a consciousness of spirituality, a sense of equality and a continuous flow of energy towards education and culture. Auroville came into existence in 1968 as a result of this vision. Auroville continued to flourish and develop in the last five decades with equality, independence, education, promotion of Indian culture and human values.

Auroville is setting an example by acting as a bridge for connecting ancient knowledge in Indian culture with the present. Today, when efforts are being made at a global level for humanity, equality and peace, Auroville has taken the lead with its inspiring work. We have been looking at the philosophy and ideas of Sri Aurobindo as a formula for solving worldwide problems. People associated with the Auroville community and the Auroville Foundation are doing the important work of advancing the philosophy and ideas of Sri Aurobindo, for which they deserve to be congratulated. One feels proud to acknowledge the fact that Auroville has emerged today as a centre of ideational attraction for people from more than fifty countries across of the world.

I again congratulate and extend best wishes to the organizers for celebrating the Golden Jubilee function on 28 Feb, 2018 on successfully completing its 50 years of existence.

Thanks and regards,

Amit Shah


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