When you want to visit Auroville for filming, writing or photographic purposes, you will have to get in touch with Auroville’s OutreachMedia, the Auroville service in charge of facilitating visits of journalists and film/video makers.

Our particular aim is to ensure that all journalists and filmmakers get correct, up-to-date information or relevant/representative footage from the best sources so that generally their visit is a fruitful and constructive one.

This includes intermediating with authorities in order to obtain permission to film (specially relevant to foreign film crews); collaborating on tentative scenarios and film schedules beforehand so that when a film crew or reporter arrives no loss of time occurs; setting up interviews with appropriate people; escorting crews around the township; and helping book accommodation and arrange transport, as well as possibly helping with the final product where ‘finishing touches’ may be required. A financial contribution may be asked for the above services including administrative charges/fees.

Objective and non-proselytising

“Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole,” says its Charter, and we are aware that the very existence of Auroville gives hope and encouragement to many people. Consequently, when it comes to making the existence, aims and ideals of Auroville known to a wider audience, the OutreachMedia team will give every assistance to ensure that the information is imparted in an objective, non-proselytising manner.

Thank you for approaching OutreachMedia