50th Anniversary of Auroville: Prof M S Swaminathan

February 27, 2018: Auroville came into existence on 28th Feb 1968 when youth from 124 different nations and 23 Indian states, deposited a handful of their native soil into the Urn, a marble clad structure in the form of a symbolic lotus bud, located in the centre of the Amphitheatre. The Auroville Charter – handwritten in French by the Mother – rests along with this soil, sealed in the Urn, as a powerful message and promise for the future.

We badly need Centres of Human Unity and Auroville is an outstanding example. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Auroville, I had explained the relevance of Auroville, in an article titled “A Centre for Human Unity” (The Hindu, Feb 1, 1998). It is appropriate that our Prime Minister participated in the 50th anniversary of this unique city. At the moment, we need such initiatives to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in achieving the goals such as food, and health for all. Atleast in our country there should be a Auroville in every state to serve as an example of the potential for human understanding and respect.

Auroville’s monthly newsletter titled Auroville Today provides very useful information on the work being done through the practice of Karma Yoga. Karma yoga was promoted by Shri Aurobindo in order to help people achieve salvation through work.

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