05 / Culture

April 2019

Culture is communication. It is communion with others. We cannot express culture in isolation.

Culture is how we see ourselves in relation to others. Simultaneously global and personal, culture belongs to everyone, is everyone.

Culture is exchange; it’s what we learn from each other. It is a relationship that grows and changes, through life’s stages, as an individual and as a species.

Culture is what we teach, what we try to reach. Old Culture. New Culture. All Culture. Men and women and kids all together; what does it mean to be you, here, now?

Culture isn’t fixed; it’s always on the move. Like language, it evolves and is fluid. It’s the way that we say it, and what’s left unsaid.

Culture is the art we create, the tales that we tell and the games that we play.

It is humour and dance and the cut of your dress, the things that we do, how we measure success.

So Auroville, all of us, 50 years after: a singular culture or cultural stew?

Matthew for the OutreachMedia Team

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