04 / Reflections

February 2019

You’re invited to an exploration.

Along the way, you may discover unexpected depths.

Take a moment to ponder: What is the difference in people’s aspirations and actions from a long ago yesterday, compared to today? What about new reflections in  architecture?

Today, whether people are learning more about themselves, or exploring self and other through culture, art or music, it seems as if not a lot has fundamentally changed. But sometimes it depends on how you look at or perceive something.

To fully appreciate the present sometimes you have to take a closer look at the past, either in a brief overview or in more detail; to pay homage is a form of respectful reflection.

Now, what happens when you go outside your normal place? You can watch yourself in a new light. Do you recognize yourself there?

Take a moment to hear some reflections from the young at heart.

And while personal reflection may be sometimes difficult, it can also be deeply meaningful.

Amy for the OutreachMedia Team

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