03 / Growth

January 2019

How often do you consider ‘growth’? Do you notice the hibiscus bush getting wider in the garden or your child getting taller? This is observable, external growth. Perhaps you’ve experienced a growth in your career or creative endeavours which are somewhat in-between external and internal growth: your life is changing in ways that others can see, while inside you’re feeling more fulfilled. Now, what about a growing within that no one can see? What’s that?

So what about this ever-present material growth? We feel and see things changing; the speed is increasing with every quickly-passing year. In this photo gallery, we witness the growth of a city, our city, our home, Auroville. What about when environmental conditions demand a change, a growth? How do we respond? Do you ask yourself, “What can I do about it?” There’s also the growth of the community through its rich culture and celebrations.

What about growth within a country? India’s growing concern for our Mother Earth is evidenced by its commitment to abolish ‘one-time use’ plastics by the year 2022. In Tamil Nadu, a ban on some plastics went into effect on 1 January. You can learn more about the plastics you use every day, and how to identify the different categories of plastic. “Stop one-time use!” could grow into an easy-to-remember rallying cry, creating a heightened sensitivity to discontinue using plastic bags. Hear how one young boy is raising awareness about the growing plastic problem through his poetry.

On a different level, there’s growth in evolution. Are we growing from our basic, animal manifestations into divine beings? Also, there’s the growth of the being through learning and experience, as an individual and in a community.

And while everyone is zipping around, there’s always some growth that takes its own sweet time, and through patient perseverance finally manifests. We’ve all probably experience this at one point or another. Something didn’t grow or change as quickly as we’d hoped. “Victory is to the most persistent.

On a more personal note, each partner in this enthusiastic and growing editorial team is happily challenged to present themselves in one particular light of their ever-growing selves. In Living-Being you’ll meet a few of us.

Every day we’re invited to this great adventure to grow, expand, change. It can be a seemingly normal moment in which we shine a bit more brightly, and that moves us to the next step in our development. We may not be aware of it, but it’s always there …

Amy for the OutreachMedia Team

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