02 / Resources

December 2018

What is the first thing we think about when we hear the word ‘resource’? It might be the natural resources of this world of ours – water, trees, and the power of the wind, minerals or the light of the sun. It might make us think of the need for recycling our precious resources, or even ‘upcycling’, which is the creative use of discarded objects, turning trash into treasure.

As we ponder creativity, another resource comes to mind – Human Resources. Each one of us has a singular perspective on the world as living beings. Each one has a story to tell.

When people unite behind a common cause, they can become a powerful force for change. Art, knowledge and humour are all human resources that connect people together, as we inspire, enlighten and entertain one another.

Equally, we might think about resourcefulness: a resourceful person, book, website or event. ‘The Bridge’ was a weeklong event in Auroville’s 50th birthday celebrations that brought together creative and scientific minds from inside Auroville and from around the world. Each brought their unique insight on life, and new ideas were born from this rich, creative exchange. Going back to Auroville’s beginnings, when the early Aurovilians asked the Mother what they should prioritize in the manifestation of this new city, she chose the building of the Matrimandir. One old timer likened this task to ‘building a spaceship in the desert with no tools’. How much more resourceful could you need to be?

One last way of interpreting ‘resource’ would be to split the word into its constituent parts – to ‘re-source’. This could be how an artist needs to go back to the well of inspiration, or indeed how any of us re-connect with the higher consciousness that is inside us all. Just as the sun is the ultimate source of all earthly energy (even filthy oil takes its energy from long dead trees that took it from the sun), the light of consciousness is the ultimate provider, inspirer and enlightener for us all. We must all re-connect with this source; we must all re-source, every day.

Matthew for the OutreachMedia Team

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