01 / Beginnings

November 2018

Begin simply, reads the note at the top of the whiteboard where we write our long list of Things To-Do. Words borrowed from a poet who offered them as freely as she would a handful of freshly picked wildflowers. We took them to heart.

Begin simply. To think a thought you’ve not dared think or read something you may have read many times before, only this time read it in a different way. Letting it shine a light on the dark beginning of all things.

Begin simply. To extend your belief in what is possible for a few more breaths, look into welcoming eyes and let yourself be moved by the words of those who have made Auroville their home. Listen to them speak as they extend a heartfelt invitation into the shared aspiration that is common to us all; reminding us of what means to be a Newcomer.

Begin simply. To do something you felt needed to be done but somehow had not gotten around to it. It is an open invitation to focus our energy and consciousness towards the greater good that beckons us to come together, join forces, and once again walk the road less travelled. Calling each and every one of us to live in harmony with the natural world, be it through the shared birthing practices that receive newborns into life in a way that seeks to connect us to our morning star or by challenging us to take a stand in front of our forests.

Gentle strength washes over our shared efforts revealing a network of collaboration that weaves its deep layers of ancestral wisdom with the researches of the future, paving a higher way towards sustainable growth. Let us keep putting hand to earth and planting the seeds of our collective newfound-old knowledge so that we may continue to help each other do our best work.

Because we are ever-evolving every breath we breathe, we begin anew. Decide and begin simply to trace a line between all things however messy and chaotic they may be and showcase, our sometimes not so obvious interconnectedness. After all, we are in this together so why not share it.

The OutreachMedia Team

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